When you drink water, remember the source
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 Excerpt from a Portland blog 

(Patrick McGraw from PFMReports.com)

" . .. It may look like it should have been dull. Add that it was a history lecture and you might be certain that it was dull. The lecturer was Dr. John Jung, who was born in Macon, Georgia, where he and his family were the only Chinese in town. Dr. John Jung spoke about the history of Chinese immigrants, but he told it through the stories of Chinese restaurants and the families that operate them. He managed to work the Chinese Exclusion Act and chop suey into one sentence! (Chop suey is most certainly an American dish, but it helped popularize Chinese restaurants among whites, who were leery of the Chinese and their food.) 

       As I have said before, history is not about dates, it’s about stories. If more people could have a teacher like Dr. Jung, maybe fewer people would run from history..."