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  Southern Fried Rice Interview, KTVU Rosy Chu, Bay Area People 2006        Q & A  Sweet & Sour, Chinese American Museum  Chicago 2011 

John Jung, author of Sweet and Sour: Life in Chinese Family Restaurants

Above: APA Compass Interview with Andrew Yeh, KBOO-FM, Portland, OR, May 4, 2012

Below: Video from  2010 talk on Sweet and Sour,  at a fund raiser for Vancouver Chinatown's Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant.

 Episode 4 of Hong Kong's RTHK 2012 documentary on Overseas Chinese covered Chinese restaurant history in the U. S. and Canada and included filming in Portland, Oregon at my talk on "Sweet and Sour." In one segment, the focus is on Chinese laundry history. It included some amazing 'animation' of old racist cartoons.  (To view, click here, not on the photo) 

Starting at the 7:00 min. mark,  I was interviewed at my home in California, with a discussion of my laundry memoir, Southern Fried Rice. 


(To view my interview on Chinese family restaurants  click here, not on the photo.  It concludes at 28:55 after an interview of Bruce Wong (grandson of the original owner of Portland's historic Hang Far Low Restaurant)  conducted at the Canton Grill Restaurant where  they filmed cooks  preparing chop suey for Bruce and I to taste during our discussion on the origins of this iconic dish.