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Excerpt from a Washington. D.C.  blog    

 ... arguably the heart and soul of Chinatown is the “Chinese Community Cultural Center.”     Active in many ways, the organization is reaching out to those with an immigrant story to tell.   In the program’s debut, the center hosted Dr. John Jung... a professor, lecturer and author of four books on the experiences of Chinese-Americans, including his own memoir – “Southern Fried Rice.”   In front of an audience of about 50, he spoke on the topic –  “The Value of Learning and Teaching the History of Chinese in America That School Books Left Out.

...The author, who still retains a bit of a Southern accent, touched on a handful of themes.    Isolation is a common one for immigrants, his own made worse by the fact they were the only Chinese people living in Macon (Georgia) between 1928 and 1956.     

...Jung spoke not as a bitter man, and in fact revealed a sense of humor on several occasions.  Nevertheless, he drew on a reservoir of stories that pointed out injustices, cruelty, and ignorance directed at him and his family.