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You had the audience in the palm of your hands.   Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Stockton.  Several people came up to me later to tell me how much they enjoyed your talk.  

Pleased to be in the audience in Phoenix. I thoroughly enjoyed So. Fried Rice and to know Chinese-Americans all over the U. S. of our generation felt the same about ourselves, no matter the parents, occupation, or our lifestyles. J. Yen

Thank you for coming to Houston and for such an interesting talk.  I enjoyed your book, "Southern Fried Rice" before the talk and am now reading your second book on "Chinese Laundries."  I like your writing style, clear and easy to read.  J.T.

You were a hoot! Thanks for coming to speak at Sacramento …the greatest testimonial is no one left after dinner! The audience was mesmerized by your style and candor. Even the Chinese-born audience said they learned something new. Eileen Leung

A pleasure meeting you @ Delta State U & well worth the 2-hr drive _ Your document'g grow'g up in America will help the younger generation visualize what our ancestors went through.   

We were honored to have you visit (Chicago).  Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and company-one of the best comments was _ he was so down to earth and engaging. Soo Lon Moy

Each time John Jung comes (San Diego) to present his books about the experience of Chinese laundries, Chinese markets, being the only Chinese family in town, and now, Chinese family restaurants, so many Chinese immigrants and their children share in the experiences that he describes that it evokes the nostalgic atmosphere of a family reunion.  Alex Stewart